Mature Pericardial Teratoma in the Elderly


We report an unusual case of a very large Pericardial Teratoma in an adult 62 year old woman. Pericardial teratomas are common in the paediatric population, however, it is rare to find a large pericardial teratoma in the elderly. A routine x-ray Chest was performed, while being investigated for symptoms of renal calculi. The x-ray revealed a large left sided mass occupying almost the entire left hemi thorax with elevated left hemi diaphragm. She underwent resection of the mass, which was radiologically thought to be hydatid cyst in view of the enhancing rim of calcification with homogenous material within. A formal left posterolateral thoracotomy was performed and the mass was seen to be arising from the pericardium and inseparable from it. The mass was excised completely along with resection of a portion of the pericardium. The final histopathology was benign mature teratoma arising from the pericardium.